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Stallen – Kl 21:00, Kr 150/100

Some might call Splashgirl gloomy, the sound of hot tar melting, prophecies of doom, no, this is vibrant, this is alive – sure, they’re very very slow, but each note breathes, each musical step so considered, so positive, so bright and vibrantly alive, so good to just flow with, to sit in the sun with (though we do suspect it would sound just as good in a cold dark dank December cellar). (…) Jazz based, post-rock toned, experimental, but really this is a genre-defying album, and Splashgirl are something that everyone should hear and something everyone would surely enjoy.

A triumphant artistic exercise. (…) By the time the epic closing title-track’s screeching cymbal scrapes, inner piano string whines and wheezing bass strings finally coalesce into Løwe’s cathartic, lush, chugging piano riff, does the massive musical tension evaporate. It’s then you realise just how deep Splashgirl have drawn you into the murky depths of their watery sound world.